SMS24/7 provides a unique number for its clients to place in their advertisements. 

This number can be used across multiple channels, including newspapers, online or at the shopfront.


Once a candidate sees the ad, they will SMS or call the hiring number and the SMS24/7 system will automatically respond with a series of questions to determine the suitability of the candidate. 

If the candidate fulfills all the questions successfully, they will be able to set an interview date and time with the company/ interviewer. 


When a suitable candidate responds, the system will automatically forward the candidate’s information to the client’s designated phone number or email in real time. 


All the interviewer needs to do is wait for the candidate to turn up and interview them. 

Through the SMS24/7 system, companies and their HR departments no longer need to handle numerous phone calls or plough through applications before interviewing qualified candidates. 

The system helps filter out qualified candidates and keeps the rest in a log for future use. 

HR have worked in busy recruitment functions, so they know time is at a premium.


“With SMS24/7 service,  HR departments don’t have to worry about missing a candidate’s phone call during lunch hour or non-office hours as we respond to every single candidate and reply within 10 seconds.”