What does SMS24/7 do? 

We provide SMS-based solutions to our customers,

specializing in supporting the HIRING team.




Our Customers Told Us…

*Not enough target applicants


*Many applicants have non-target profile 


*It is very difficult to handle applications 1 by 1


*No one can provide a record of all applicants’ information



So, SMS24/7 studied and realized

*HR Staff are spending a lot of time verbally asking one question:

Are you Singaporean?


*Many applications are missed at out of  business hours 


*It is impossible to log every applicant’s data in text


*There is no way to get more information ,besides contact 1 by 1. 


*Many people, including non-target persons, are applying for jobs


*People will apply ANY TIME of the day



SMS24/7 Hiring Made Easier


SMS24/7 has a SOLUTION

Introducing, our 24/7 SMS Auto-Response System, which


*Extends the handling hours


*Automates the handling partially


*Logs all data automatically


SMS24/7 Increases Applications

SMS24/7 Enables Follow Up

Introducing the Process

Introducing the Process

Customers receive the following

SMS 24/7 is the ultimate auto-response service for recruitment

We provide SMS-based solutions such as our 24/7 Auto-Response System and advertising plans to raise the productivity, as well as the effectiveness of printed HR advertising activities.


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